NCT has returned with their second album, Resonance Pt.2! The title track,90’s Love, performed by the unit NCT U was released yesterday along with the music video. MAKE A WISH (BIRTHDAY SONG) was (and still is) absolutely everything to me. My obsession with this song is verging on a bit unhealthy at this point, but … Continue reading NCT U “90’S LOVE” REVIEW


GOT7 is back! After a seven month break, GOT7 has returned with the pre-release single, Breath, in anticipation for their new album Breath of Love: Last Piece that will be released next Monday.  It really feels like GOT7 wasn’t gone for that long. Maybe because I listen to You Calling My Name daily and because … Continue reading GOT7 “BREATH” REVIEW


This is my first ever album review, and it is very fitting that the first review belongs to none other than BTS, my absolute favorite group.  BTS’ new album, BE, was released earlier this morning and for me, and for many others as well, the album was highly anticipated. BE is BTS’ very first album … Continue reading BTS “BE”: ALBUM REVIEW


BTS’ highly anticipated new album ,BE,  was released early this morning! The music video for the title track, Life Goes On, directed by the youngest member, Jungkook, was released as well! BTS is my ultimate group. They are the reason I got into K-pop and my love for them is astronomical. I am an ARMY … Continue reading BTS “LIFE GOES ON” REVIEW


The first song I ever listened to by SAAY was ZGZG. I enjoyed it so much and was so blown away by her performance. Then I listened to ENCORE and I’ve been a fan ever since.  SAAY is extremely talented. She has it all. Vocals, musicality, everything yet she is so underrated. I hadn’t been … Continue reading SAAY “PLAYER” REVIEW


MOMOLAND has returned with their 3rd single album, Ready or Not! I’m not too familiar with MOMOLAND’s discography. The only songs I can name off the top of my head is BBOOM BBOOM and BAAM, and I actually really like both of those songs.  Ready or Not gives me all the summer vibes. It’s fun … Continue reading MOMOLAND “READY OR NOT” REVIEW


After weeks of teasing their debut, SM’s new girl group, Aespa, is finally here! Early this morning, Aespa made their debut with the single Black Mamba. The music video for the song was released along with it. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what to expect at all from Aespa. While I saw all the … Continue reading AESPA “BLACK MAMBA” REVIEW

Jamie “Apollo 11” Review

Jamie is back with her new single, Apollo 11! The song along with the music video was released this morning.  I really enjoy Jamie’s music. April Fools is one of my favorites and I really liked her last release, Numbers. Jamie has been in the industry for a while now, and it always surprises me … Continue reading Jamie “Apollo 11” Review


GFriend is back with their third album, Walpurgis Night! The album along with the music video for the title track, MAGO, was released yesterday. I’ve become more of a fan of GFriend over the last year. I really enjoyed FEVER and APPLE is what really made me a fan. When the news of the new … Continue reading GFRIEND “MAGO” REVIEW