ITZY has returned with their new album GUESS WHO. The album’s release was accompanied by the release of the music video for the album’s title track, Mafia In The Morning. ITZY has really come into their own as a group since their debut in early 2019. With hits like Dalla Dalla, Wannabe, and Not Shy, … Continue reading ITZY “MAFIA IN THE MORNING” REVIEW

Enhypen “Drunk-Dazed” Review

After their debut in November with the mini album Border:Day One and title track Given-Taken, Enhypen has finally returned with their new album Border: Carnival. The album was released this morning and along with it, the music video for the title track, Drunk-Dazed. I was extremely impressed with Given-Taken. I loved it immediately on first … Continue reading Enhypen “Drunk-Dazed” Review


Yesterday, NU’EST released their second album, Romanticize. The music video for the album’s title track, INSIDE OUT, was released as well. I don’t think I’ve ever listened to a single song by NU’EST before. They're one of those groups that I've known about, but I never really looked into. As this was my introduction to … Continue reading NU’EST “INSIDE OUT” REVIEW


Yesterday morning, Kang Daniel released his new album, YELLOW. The music video for the title track, Antidote, accompanied the album.   I’ve barely gotten over PARANOIA, and here Kang Daniel is with a new album. No complaints because I absolutely love his music. Kang Daniel always comes with something new and different, so I was beyond excited … Continue reading KANG DANIEL “ANTIDOTE” REVIEW


Yesterday, Wheein finally released her first mini album, Redd. The music video for the title track, water color, was released as well. I was wondering when Wheein would have her solo release. All last year, each of the other Mamamoo members had their own solos, so  I knew it was only a matter of time … Continue reading WHEE IN “WATER COLOR” REVIEW


SHINee has returned with Atlantis from their seventh repackaged album of the same name. The music video was released early this morning along with the album. I surely wasn’t expecting new SHINee content so soon, but I am always happy whenever they release something new.  Atlantis begins with these fluttering guitar strings. It’s the backdrop … Continue reading SHINEE “ATLANTIS” REVIEW


This morning, Chanyeol released his new single, Tomorrow.  A music video accompanied the song’s release. This comes a little after Chanyeol's military enlistment, so I was a little surprised yet happy for this release. Chanyeol has one of my favorite voices in EXO, so I was really looking forward to this with high anticipation. Tomorrow … Continue reading CHANYEOL “TOMORROW” REVIEW


Early this morning, WENDY released her first ever mini album, Like Water. The music video for the title track of the same name was released with the album. After being inactive for the entirety of 2020 due to an accident during rehearsal for the 2019's Gayo Daejun that left injuries on her face, wrist, and … Continue reading WENDY “LIKE WATER” REVIEW


This morning, Hoshi finally released the new track from his solo mixtape, Spider. The music video accompanied the track’s release.  Though I consider myself a fan of Seventeen, I don’t know much about the members individually. The only members I know by name and can recognize are Seungkwan, Vernon, Woozi, S. Coups, and Hoshi. Even … Continue reading HOSHI “SPIDER” REVIEW